We offer 3 types of personalization to adapt to the needs of each client:

  • Standard: This is the most commonly used personalization system. Its main advantage is its low price, beign the cheapest of them all. Its shortcomings are it’s limitations in print quality, higher minimum orders and longer delivery times.

  • Deluxe: It is our specialty. Its main advantages are: reduced minimum orders (starting from a single pack), it’s fast delivery time (less than 15 days), and the best print quality (allowing us to print light color and metallic-like inks over dark color napkins).

  • Full Color: This is the newest system. It allows us to customize napkins with Full Colored images (thanks to it’s Digital Print technology) photographies and polycrome designs included. Minimum order and Delivery Time is near identical to that of the Deluxe System (less than 15 days).

Contact us and we will help you choose the personalization system that best suits your needs.

Deluxe vs Standard

The example above perfectly illustrates the difference between Deluxe Print (left) and Standard (right).

Full Color

Full Color Digital Print on a white napkin provides a magnificent result with no color limitations, gradients included.